Northridge to North Hollywood

Deadliest Intersections Friday

From Northridge to North Hollywood, LAPD officers will be looking for lawbreakers at the intersections that have claimed the most lives.

LAPD to Ticket Drivers at the Valley's 5 Deadliest Intersections Friday

Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles Police will be out in force Friday searching for scofflaws at the Valley’s deadliest intersections.

The LAPD’s Directed Enforcement Task Force will be issuing citations at the five Valley intersections that have seen the most wrecks and fatalities over the last year, said Officer Don Imman.

“We did an analysis of intersections in the Valley involving fatalities, severe injuries and injuries in the past calendar year,” said Imman.

The five deadliest intersections in the Valley are:

“We assigned officers to each of intersections, and they will focus on moving violations, running red lights, speed approaching intersections and pedestrian violations,” added Imman.

The task force “is a data-driven effort that brings a laser focus to locations and causes of crashes, preventable through education, enforcement, and engineering,” the department said in a written release.

Toward that end, Imman reminds drivers to wear their seatbelts, obey the speed limit when approaching intersections, pay attention to the traffic signals and slow down to be able to react to hazards that might not be readily apparent.

“Even if we are not at fault, I think we’d all feel terrible if we are part of an accident that caused injury,” he said.

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Northridge to North Hollywood